Conquer German bureaucracy and get ready for success.
Get your freelancing set-up in Germany and start successfully!
Get your revenue forecast/business plan to obtain your freelancer/business visa.
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Optimize your freelancing career to reach the next level.

I´m a business consultant and Expat Business Club® founder.

It’s always a roller coaster ride to start as a freelancer or business owner in Germany. The bureaucracy can be overwhelming, especially for expats with little experience in the German market and its legal requirements.

I help you to handle the German bureaucracy, support you in making strategic decisions, and guide you through all the steps on your way.

Become the freelancer you want to be!

“I love to support my clients in setting up a rock-solid freelancing business. Seeing how my clients make their dreams into reality is way more than just a job.”

Birgit Heidenreich

What My Clients Say

Direct and straight-talking advice. A personal approach without sugar coating. You get all the basic steps you need to set yourself up with a successful start with useful translations and templates. You also get advice about specific questions you have regarding your particular situation.
Well-founded advice and support during our founding and implementation process. The recommended contacts to other experts were also great tips. If we need further consulting and coaching, we will be happy to return to Birgit!
Michael & Peter
I highly recommend consulting hours with Birgit! Her ideas and advice are more than solving a single problem. She´s thinking outside the box and is very passionate about her job.
I can highly recommend consulting-hours with Birgit! Her ideas and advice are more than solving a single problem. She´s thinking outside the box and is very passionate about her job.
The workshop '5 steps to self-employment - basics & rules' offers a quick introduction to the self-employed world and provides essential business and organizational knowledge. Anyone who comes with previous knowledge or particular questions that have already emerged from their business will find a link to an in-depth discussion. With her knowledge, she can also answer questions from her practical experience and offer further assistance.
Birgit has helped me go from zero to READY TO GO as a new entrepreneur in Germany! She is friendly and extremely helpful in navigating the bureaucratic system, and I'm grateful for her comprehensive services, patience, and professionalism.
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What I Do

Strategic decisions

I support you in making strategic decisions for your freelancing to start and grow. I will also help you create a strategy to enter the German market.

Setting up your freelancing

I back you up in setting up your freelancing in Germany. Together we handle the German bureaucracy, get the paperwork done, and ensure that your freelancing business fulfills the legal requirements.

Revenue forecast/ Business plans

Do you need a revenue forecast to apply for your freelancing visa? Do you need a business plan for your business visa? I´m happy to support you in getting your documents ready to obtain your visa.

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