12-month Mentoring Program

Consultation Sessions and Unlimited Email-Support

Ready to launch your freelancing career or elevate your existing business? Our 12-month Mentoring Program offers the perfect combination of consultation sessions and unlimited email support to boost your business.

Experience the synergy of tailored consultation sessions and unlimited email support. This powerful combination will drive your business growth


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Who is it for?:

  • Transitioning from Employment: Aspiring freelancers moving from employment to entrepreneurship.
  • Unsure Where to Begin: Those who have set out but feel lost and need guidance to get started.
  • Establishing Stability: Freelancers aiming to establish a stable business and achieve growth.
  • Expanding Services: Business owners looking to introduce a new service or expand their offerings.

What you can expect:

Consultation Sessions:
Engage in 6 comprehensive business consultation sessions where we’ll:

  • Build a solid foundation for your freelance business
  • Make strategic decisions to drive growth
  • Handle all necessary paperwork and legal requirements
  • Optimize your ongoing business strategy Leverage my extensive experience as a Business Consultant to propel your business forward. (Regular price: 810,- Euro net)

Unlimited email support: 

Gain unlimited email support alongside our consultation sessions. Ask questions, seek advice, and receive valuable tips between sessions to continuously enhance your freelancing career. (Regular price: ~660,- Euro net)

Please note that all products and consulting services offered here relate to Germany. The information mentioned may differ in other countries.